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The Journal of Advertising (JA) is the premier academic publication covering significant intellectual development pertaining to advertising theories and their relationship with practice. The goal of JA is to provide a public forum that reflects the current understanding of advertising as a process of communication, its role in the changing environment, and the relationships between these and other components of the advertising business and practice.

It is the policy of JA that manuscripts submitted for review must not have been published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts that are substantially similar in content to articles already published or accepted for publication in JA or elsewhere are ineligible for publication in JA. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to abide by these provisions when submitting a manuscript to JA for review.

JA strives for a review process that is thorough and constructive, so that regardless of the ultimate decision about publication in JA, the author(s) can benefit from the feedback on their work. All papers published in the Journal go through a rigorous, double-blind, peer review process. Neither authors nor reviewers know the identity of the others. Similarly, Associate Editors do not know the identity of the authors. Manuscripts are reviewed independently by members of JA Editorial Review Board or ad hoc reviewers selected by the Editor and, sometimes, in consultation with Associate Editors. The evaluations and recommendations of the reviewers and Associate Editors guide the Editor in her decision.

It is possible for a manuscript submitted to JA to be desk rejected by the Editor. Although there are several potential reasons for a desk rejection, the two most common are (1) the topic, content, or type of submission does not fit the editorial position or advance the goals of JA, or (2) the manuscript does not follow Author Guidelines.

Queries regarding the appropriateness of a topic and its fit with the scope of the Journal may be sent to the Editor by e-mail: [email protected].