Emily Sherman

Emily Sherman

Product News and Recommendations Senior Editor


Emily Sherman is an editor for CreditCards.com and Bankrate Credit Cards, specializing in product news and recommendations. She has worked as a writer and editor in the credit cards space for three years, covering any and all topics related to how cards work, rewards programs, card benefits, travel, cash back and more. Prior to working in the personal finance space, Emily worked as a writer in tech with a focus on job hunting in the industry.

Emily is also a co-founder and strategy consultant for To Her Credit, a series offering financial advice for women designed to bridge the education gap and bring special attention to the issues that women face – including higher health care costs and the gender pay gap, among others.

Emily is passionate about the intersection of personal finance and the experience of underrepresented groups, and she strives to produce content that meets each reader where they are in their unique financial journey. She’s written about everything from the various hidden costs women will face in their lifetimes to how chronic migraines have impacted her own financial journey.

When she is not writing and editing content about credit cards, Emily is a self-professed credit card nerd, putting her own points and miles to use planning her next big vacation. One of her favorite pastimes is scouring flight deals to find the best way to use her Southwest Companion Pass.

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Personal Quote

"You could miss out on so many great opportunities by being scared of credit cards. If you take the time to learn good financial habits and trust yourself to follow them, you can unlock the lifestyle you want -- whether that means traveling the world or just saving on your everyday experiences."

Education & Honors

  • B.A. in English Writing and Rhetoric from St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX

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