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Fall 2010

An Examination of Consumer Responses toward Attribute- and Goal-Framed Messages

Sanjay Putrevu

Generating a Visceral Response: The Effects of Visceral Cues in Weight Loss Advertising

Clinton Amos and Nancy Spears

Assessing Advertising Efficiency: Does the Internet Play a Role?

lbena Pergelova, Diego Prior and Josep Rialp

The Impact of Medium Context on Bilingual Consumers’ Responses to Code-Switched Advertising

Melissa M. Bishop and Mark Peterson

The Persuasiveness of Individualistic and Collectivistic Advertising Appeals among Chinese Generation-X Consumers

Jing Zhang

Advertising’s New Audiences: Consumer Responses in the New Free Market Economics of Central and Eastern Europe—the Case of the Czech Republic

Elena S. Millan and Banwari Mittal

Affective Intensity and Sponsor Identification

Kirk L. Wakefield and Gregg Bennett

Symbolic Postures of Commercial Advertising and Street Art: Rhetoric for Creativity

Stefania Borghini, Luca Massimiliano Visconti, Laurel Anderson and John F. Sherry, Jr.