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Summer 2010

Measuring Soft-Sell versus Hard-Sell Advertising Sell

Shintaro Okazaki, Barbara Taylor and Charles R. Taylor

The Implication of Third-Party Customer Complaining for Advertising Effort

J. Joseph Cronin, Jr. and Gavin Fox

The Moderating Influence of Consumers’ Temporal Orientation on the Framing of Societal Needs and Corporate Responses in Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns

Andrea Heintz Tangari, Judith Anne Garretson Folse, Scot Burton and Kees Jeremy

Meaning Matters: Polysemy in Advertising

Stefano Puntoni, Jonathan E. Schroeder and Mark Ritson

Promising Attributes and Experiences: Attitudinal Responses to Functional versus Experiential Ad Claims and the Moderating Role of Involvement

Bendik Meling Samuelsen and Erling Lars

Consumer Responses to Christian Religious Symbols in Advertising

Valerie A. Taylor, Daine Halstead and Paula J. Haynes

Advertising Creativity in Korea: Scale Development and Validation

Byoung Hee Kim, Sangpil Han and Sukki Yoon

Fortuitous Brand Image Transfer: Investigating the Side Effect of Consumer Sponsorships

François A. Carrillat, Eric G. Harris and Barbara A. Lafferty