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Fall 2009

Temporal Construal in Advertising: The Moderating Role of Temporal Orientation and Attribute Importance in Consumer Evaluations

Brett A. S. Martin, Juergen Gnoth and Carolyn Strong

Product Placements: The Impact of Placement Type and Repetition on Attitude

Pamela Miles Homer

Commercials as Context for Other Commercials: Threat or Opportunity?

Ingrid Poncin and Christian Derbaix

Repetition Variation Strategies for Narrative Advertising

ChingChing Chang

Comparison of the Paths from Consumer Involvement Types to Ad Responses between Corporate Advertising and Product Advertising

Sora Kim, Eric Haley and Gi-Yong Koo

Agency Practitioner Theories of How Advertising Works

Gergely Nyilasy and Leonard N. Reid

Nature and Impact of Alcohol Messages in a Youth-Oriented Television Series

Cristel Antonia Russell, Dale W. Russell and Joel W. Grube

Explicit Donations and Inferred Endorsements: Do Corporate Social Responsibility Suggest a Nonprofit Organization Endorsement?

Amanda B. Bower and Stacy Landreth Grau

Positive Mood and Susceptibility to False Advertising

Kathryn A. LaTour and Michael S. LaTour