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Summer 2009

Winning Ways

Nigel Pope, Kevin E. Voges and Mark Brown

The Moderating Effect of Brand Commitment on the Evaluation of Competitive Brands

Sekar Raju, Rao H. Unnava and Nicole Votolato Montgomery

Community Stakeholder Responses to Advocacy Advertising

Miller and Janas Sinclair

A Dual-Process Model of Interactivity Effects

Yuping Liu and L.J. Shrum

How Product Trial Alters the Effects of Model Attractiveness

Camelia C. Micu, Robin A. Coulter and Linda L. Price

Measuring Trust in Advertising

Hyeonjin Soh, Leonard N. Reid and Karen Whitehill King

Political Advertising and the Older Electorate

Spencer F. Tinkham, Ruthann Weaver Lariscy and Elizabeth Johnson Avery

Long Live Creative Media Choice

Micael Dahlén, Lars Friberg and Erik Nilsson