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Winter 2008

Desperately Seeking Advertising Creativity: Engaging an Imaginative “3 Ps” Research Agenda

Sheila L. Sasser and Scott Koslow

When Deep Structures Surface: Design Structures that Can Repeatedly Surprise

Jacob Goldenberg and David Mazursky

Practitioner and Customer Views of Advertising Creativity: Same Concept, Different Meaning?

Douglas C. West, Arthur J. Kover and Albert Caruana

The Impact of Advertising Creativity on the Hierarchy of Effects

Robert E. Smith, Jiemiao Chen and Xiaojing Yang

Getting a Line on Print Ads: Pleasure and Arousal Reactions Reveal an Implicit Advertising Mechanism

Karolien Poels and Siegfried Dewitte

Creativity via Cartoon Spokespeople in Print Ads: Capitalizing on the Distinctiveness Effect

Robert S. Heiser, Jeremy J. Sierra and Ivonne M. Torres

Creativity and Memory Effects: Recall, Recognition and an Exploration of Nontraditional Media

Daniel W. Baack, Rick T. Wilson and Brian D. Till

From Performance to Mastery: Developmental Models of the Creative Process

W. Glenn Griffin

The Effect of Agency Creativity on Campaign Outcomes: The Moderating Role of Market Conditions

Hairong Li, Wenyu Dou, Guangping Wang and Nan Zhou

Finding the KEYS to Creativity in Ad Agencies: Using Climate, Dispersion, and Size to Examine Award Performance

Willem Verbeke, Philip Hans Franses, Arthur le blanc and Nienke van Ruiten

Envisioning the Future of Advertising Creativity Research: Alternative Perspectives

Thomas Bernardin, Paul Kemp-Robertson, David W. Stewart, Yan Cheng, Heather Wan, John R. Rossiter, Sunil Erevelles, Robert Roundtree, George M. Zinkhan and Nobuyuki Fukawa