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Winter 2010

Violence and Advertising

Nora J. Rifon, Marla B. Royne, Les Carlson

Violence in Advertising

Tim Jones,
Peggy H. Cunningham, Katherine Gallagher

The Impact of Violence Against Women in Advertisements

Michael L. Capella,
Ronald Paul Hill, Justine M. Rapp, Jeremy Kees

Unintended Effects of a Domestic Violence Campaign

Sarah N. Keller,
Timothy Wilkinson, A. J. Otjen

If The Noise Coming From Next Door Were Loud Music, You'd Do Something About It

Magdalena Cismaru,
Gitte Jensen, Anne M. Lavack

Caution, Animated Violence

Karen L. Becker-Olsen, Patricia A. Norberg

Television Commercial Violence

E. Deanne Brocato,
Douglas A. Gentile, Russell N. Laczniak, Julia A. Maier, Mindy Ji-Song

It's Just a Joke

Charles S. Gulas,
Kim K. McKeage, Marc G. Weinberger