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Spring 2011

Evaluating the Multivariate Beta Binomial Distribution for Estimating Magazine and Internet Exposure Frequency Distributions

Yunjae Cheong, John D. Leckenby, and Tim Eakin

Two Birds and One Stone: Purposeful Polysemy in Minority Targeting and Advertising Evaluations

Stefano Puntoni, Joelle Vanhamme, and Ruben Visscher

Mitigating the Effects of Advergames on Children: Do Advertising Breaks Work?

Soontae An and Susannah Stern

Explaining and Articulating the Fit Construct in Sponsorship pai 

Erik L. Olson and Hans Mathias Thjomoe

Increasing Power and Preventing Pain: The Moderating Role of Self-Construal in Advertising Message Framing

Yongjun Sung and Sejung Marina Choi

Understanding Consumer Conversations Around Ads in a Web 2.0 World

Colin Campbell, Leyland F. Pitt, Michael Parent, and Pierre R. Berthon

Articulating a New Framework for Visual Metaphors in Advertising: A Structural, Conceptual, and Pragmatic Investigation

Lampros Gkiouzepas and Margaret K. Hogg

Personification in Advertising: Using a Visual Metaphor to Trigger Anthropomorphism

Marjorie Delbaere, Edward F. McQuarrie, and Barbara J. Phillips
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