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Fall 2011

The Differential Effect of Ad Novelty and Message Usefulness on Brand Judgments

Daniel A. Sheinin, Sajeev Varki, and Christy Ashley

Scarcity Messages: A Consumer Competition Perspective

Praveen Aggarwal, Sung Youl Jun, and Jong Ho Huh

Emotional Information Management and Responses to Emotional Appeals

Harry A. Taute, Shaun McQuitty, and Elise Pookie Sautter

The Influence of Editorial Liking and Editorial-Induced Affect on Evaluations of Subsequent Ads: Individual Differences as Moderators

Chingching Chang

Brand Logo Placements in Violent Games: Effects of Violence Cues on Memory and Attitude Through Arousal and Presence

Eui Jun Jeong, Corey J. Bohil, and Frank A. Biocca

The Other Meaning of Fluency: Content Accessibility and Language in Advertising to Bilinguals

Ryall Carroll and David Luna

How Minority Consumers Use Targeted Advertising as Pathways to Self-Empowerment: Gay Men's and Lesbians' Reading of Out-of-the-Closet Advertising

Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai

Interpersonal Trust and Platform Credibility in a Chinese Multibrand Online Community: Effects on Brand Variety Seeking and Time Spent

Kineta Hung, Stella Yiyan Li, and David K. Tse