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Summer 2011

The Earnings Effects of Marketing Communication Expenditures During Recessions

Roger C. Graham and Kristina D. Frankenberger

Inducing Value-Congruent Behavior Through Advertising and the Moderating Role of Attitudes Toward Advertising

Christine Defever and Mario Pandelaere, Keith Roe

Is Self-Character Similarity Always Beneficial?: The Moderating Role of Immersion in Product Placement Effects

Namita Bhatnagar and Fang Wan

Missing the Mark: Advertising Avoidance and Distractor Devaluation

Brittany R. L. Duff and Ronald J. Faber

When Intrusive Can Be Likable: Product Placement Effects on Multitasking Consumers

Sukki Yoon, Yung Kyun Choi, and Sujin Song

The Relation Between Actual and Perceived Interactivity: What Makes the Web Sites of Top Global Brands Truly Interactive?

Hilde A. M. Voorveld, Peter C. Neijens, and Edith G. Smit

Self-Endorsing Versus Other-Endorsing in Virtual Environments: The Effect on Brand Attitude and Purchase Intention

Sun Joo Ahn and Jeremy N. Bailenson

An Empirical Investigation of the Differential Effects of Personal, Historical, and Non-Nostalgic Advertising on Consumer Responses

Darrel D. Muehling and Vincent J. Pascal