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Summer 2012

Getting The Balance Right: Commercial Loading in Online Video Programs

Steven Bellman, Shiree Treleaven-Hassard, Jennifer A. Robinson, Amy Rask, and Duane Varan

Program Involvement Effects On Commercial Attention And Recall Of Successive And Embedded Advertising

Marjolein Moorman, Lotte M. Willemsen, Peter C. Neijens, and Edith G. Smit

How Do Reference Groups Influence Self–Brand Connections among Chinese Consumers?: Implications for Advertising

Yujie Wei, and Chunling Yu

The Moderating Effect of Ego-Depletion on Viewer Brand Recognition and Brand Attitudes Following Exposure to Subtle versus Blatant Product Placements in Television Programs

Brian Gillespie, Jeff Joireman, and Darrel D. Muehling

The Brand Communication Effects Of Using A Headline To Prompt The Key Benefit In Ads With Pictorial Metaphors

Lars Bergkvist, Daniel Eiderbäck, and Michaela Palombo

The Structural Effects of Metaphor-Elicited Affective and Cognitive Elaborations on Attitude toward the Ad

Jooyoung Kim, and Youngshim Baek

Determinants Of Opening-Forwarding Email Messages

Rebeca San José Cabezudo, and Carmen Camarero Izquierdo

The Impact Of Stereoscopic 3-D Advertising: The Role Of Presence In Enhancing Advertising Effectiveness

Mark Yi-Cheon Yim, Vincent J. Cicchirillo, and Minette E. Drumwright