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Winter 2011

Advertising's Unintended Consequence: Economic Growth

Dennis A. Kopf, Ivonne M. Torres, Carl Enomoto

Feeling Ambivalent About Going Green: Implications for Green Advertising Processing

Chingching Chang

A Taste of "Nextopia": Exploring Consumer Response to Advertising for Future Products

Micael Dahlén, Helge Thorbjørnsen, Henrik Sjödin

Managing e-mail Advertising Frequency from the Consumer Perspective

Andrea L. Micheaux

Does Ad-Context Congruity Help Surfers and Information Seekers Remember Ads in Cluttered E-magazines?

Shabnam H. A. Zanjani, William D. Diamond, Kwong Chan

I See What You Don't See: The Role of Individual Differences in Field Dependence-Independence as a Predictor of Product Placement Recall and Brand Liking

J�rg Matthes, Werner Wirth, Christian Schemer, Anna-Katerina Kissling

Is the Changing Status of African Americans in the B2B Buying Center Reflected in Trade Journal Advertising?: A Six-Decade Content Analysis

Thomas H. Stevenson, Linda E. Swayne

The Prevalence and Influence of the Combination of Humor and Violence in Super Bowl Commercials

Benjamin J. Blackford, James Gentry, Robert L. Harrison, Les Carlson
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