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Editorial Office

Editor, Wei-Na Lee, Ph.D.
Professor of Advertising

Editorial Assistant
Jinnie Jinyoung Yoo

Department of Advertising
College of Communication
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712-1092
Office: 512-471-8149
Fax: 512-471-7018

Questions about subscriptions should be directed to:
Dawn Lapan 
914-273-1800, x104 

Questions about permissions should be directed to:
Elizabeth T. Granda Parker
Please fax requests to: 914-273-2106
email: rights@mesharpe.com

Ordering Information

All members of the American Academy of Advertising (AAA) receive a subscription to the Journal of Advertising as part of their dues. Annual dues are $65 for regular members, $35 for student members, and $40 for retired members. Dues are based on a calendar year. To join, please visit www.aaasite.org.

If you prefer to subscribe to the Journal of Advertising without joining, you may order directly from M.E. Sharpe. Subscribers receive a total of four issues, with the first issue beginning after receipt of payment. Subscriptions are NOT retroactive from the beginning of a calendar year. Such issues must be ordered as back issues. For subscription prices, visit the M.E. Sharpe website.


Recommend the journal to your institution's library! Beginning in 2011, all libraries subscribing to the 2011 volume will receive free access to all currently available online volumes (Vol.32, 2003+) at no additional cost, for the life of the active subscription (if the subscription is cancelled, the library maintains perpetual access to paid volumes).